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on campus. san jose state says godbye to an a revered professior who dedicated his life to helping students. update news starts now. hello and welcome to update news... i'm christian ceaser. and i'm melody gonzales... thanks for joining us. the university community gathered wednesday to celebrate the life of man who dedicated 53 years to san jose state university. tiffani tofani has the report. thanks christian.... spring break is next week, but if students aren't careful, it might not be the party they signed up for. ">>>(nat sound spring break footage) spring break is a time for partying, but some students tend to party too hard... according to time magazine last year, three million students drove while intoxicated, nearly two-thousand died from alcohol related deaths, and six-hundred were injured... sigma alpha epsilon fraternity hosted alcohol 101 about partying responsibly in an attempt to lower those statistics... (nat sound)t the event began with a mock party that had students acting out various situations that can happen at a real party... "we're trying to bring awareness to it and
are on the way to san jose. syracuse and oregon among them. that means a lot of out of town fans. nbc bay area's scott budman joins us from downtown san jose in front of the shark tank. hotels and restaurants will be buzzing. when does the big party start? >> reporter: is it starts on thursday officially. unofficially is it starts tomorrow when people come to town. we've seen a strong tech industry and we've seen an improved housing economy and these are good times for the south bay and now we have march madness on top of it. the games of course here at hp pavilion but ripple effects will be felt throughout downtown san jose. welcome to the ground floor of march madness. literally. crews hammering in the basketball court that will host teams from around the country here at hp pavilion while the cooking staff is prepared to handle the rush of basketball players, fans and officials. >> we anticipate being sold out for the next four nights with reservations and dinner parties. we have several private dining rooms that are also booked for officials and special dinners and things like that. >> repo
la vega is in san jose to tells you how the companies are responding, good morning. >> reporter: well, they have a very diverse population and they say the workforce for tech giants do not. they had a tough time getting them to give up all their information and they are asking 20 of the most influential stuff about their employees. only 20 responded even after they find and the companies included cisco and ebay, they show women are underrepresented especially in rolls. some say -- roles, and women are graduating in fewer technical degrees. they show how difficult it is to gain information with tech companies because they refuse to give up their equality opportunity -- equal opportunity data. back out here live here in downtown san jose, as traffic picks up we plan on asking people what they think of this new study. in san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> the official process will be held tomorrow. >> but yesterday, people gathered to hear what he had to say and he had some off the can you have remarks -- off the cuff re
. all you need is the right song. we're live in san jose tonight, george kityama, nbc b area news. >> thank you, george. new details tonight of the pre-schoolteacher accused of trying to drug toddlers. she's facing up to two years in prison if convicted. today, she was charged with 10 misdemeanors of child endangerment and assault. detectives say the co-worker spotted her dropping an over-the-counter sleep medicine into sippy cups. >> two heavyweights in oakland politics are denying some serious accusations tonight. long time council members are accused of misconduct. were they caught red handed or is this a case of dirty politics. cheryl, how did the council members respond? >> reporter: well, the council -- both council members are denying the allegations. but they say it's important to note that these allegations are inside this report. no charges have been filed. now, this report is now with the district attorney's office. but, the allegations are serious. >> there is no justifiable reason to break the law. >> courtney ruby says they've been breaking the law by directing staff
. >> this morning, san jose police are searching for a wanted parole he who ran from officers. police cordoned off a neighborhood searching for him in san jose. he was armed with a gun. the thing began when the police tried to detain him and the chase ended up in san jose. he hopped several fences to get away from the police. >> five bay area police departments will join law enforcement agencies around the world in a first ever 24-hour police tweet athon. the police departments are participating with 160 agencies worldwide to create awareness of police work and the issues that the officers face. they want to promote the use of social media by law enforcement and will tweet various service calls throughout the day starting at 8:00 a.m. agencies will use the say hashtag "plopwt." a preschooler teacher accused of trying to drug toddlers in her care is charged with ten misdemeanor counts of child endangerment. a fellow teacher in morgan hill saw her putting the over-the-counter sleep aid into sippy cups. she supervisorred map -- nap time for children one to two. >> the woman who died about being raped
san jose to san francisco. can't rule out a bit of drizzle back for oakland. two things we are watching. the first one is colder weather as head into tonight and tomorrow morning. temperatures dropping to the 30s up into the north bay. and the other thing that we are monitoring is a weekend forecast. going to be changing. we will talk about the warm weather and how high the temperatures will go coming up in the full forecast. >>> estimated 9,000 people in san jose are affiliated with a gang and one of them may be responsible for the city's latest shooting, a teenager shot on the east sietd. the san jose community is getting creative on how to stop this rising violence. among the ideas, a change of clothing. kris sanchez joins us with ideas that other cities could possibly use. >> reporter: hi, there. for the last two years san jose police say that the number of gang homicides have accounted for about half of all of the homicides in the city of san jose. a crime prevention and a gang prevention expert says that is only half of the story. all quiet near fischer middle school
of people have descended on san jose, the hp pavilion hosting the ncaa tournament bringing lots of excitement and money into the city. lauren scott is live outside the hp pavilion with all the hoopla. >> reporter: how are you doing. a complete college hoops feast here today. you think back to the last time that the tournament was here in san jose, was 2010. we saw great games. we saw butler, who went on to the national championship game. we saw murray state knocking out vanderbilt in the last seconds. today, fans from all around the country descending here upon san jose. take a look. the ncaa tournament celebrating 75 years of march madness. in three-quarters of a century of play, hp has hosted rounds of tournaments on five different occasions. cal and oregon with bay area fans. >> we're big basketball fans. i'm a cal alumni, too. so the two together is really cool. >> i drove down here with three of my buddies. woke up this morning, booked it down to san jose. >> reporter: and then there's the team from st. louis. the question that everyone wants to know, what is a billicka? >>
. >> another traffic issue is in san jose. the c.h.p. is investigating a body found on interstate 280. this is a look at the scene. the coroner arrived at the southbound side of 280 near the off-ramp. you can see a heavy c.h.p. presence there after the body was found in the lanes before 3:30 this morning. we are told it is the body of a woman, not known if she was lit by cars on the friend or died some other way. there is a sig-alert in affect. >> what can drivers do in san jose and sausalito to try to get around the situation? >> this is live shot of sky 7 at wall drove grade. the best way i think to get around this is the golden gate ferry, you can take the bay bridge and. cog around but the jamup is expensive, and backed up into sausalito. can you get through sausalito on surface streets but that will be a major jam up. as far as the south bay, the accident, the fatal accident southbound 280, that accident also is blocking the three right lanes and the best alternate is to take southbound 280 to northbound 880 and northbound 880 to southbound 101 and sig-alert in san jose southboun
as president. new details surrounding san jose's tenth homicide of the year. police released a picture today of the man, did they suspect of stabbing a young mother to death on friday. the crime happened in broad daylight in a parking lot across the street from the sheriff's department. 25-year-old juan ramirez had been stocking sandra cruz for about two years. the 29-year-old victim leaves behind a 10-year-old son and was afraid of ramirez. she had a restraining order against him. >> she was doing all the right things. she was contacting the police department, reporting these crimes, pulling out restraining orders trying to protect herself from this individual. it's unfortunate this happened. it appeared that she was doing everything she could do to avoid him. >> investigators say ramirez may be headed to mexico possibly driving a dark green 1996 toyota pickup truck. if you have any information on his whereabouts, you're asked to call the san jose police department. >>> a developing story out of san francisco. three men were shot at a nightclub at south beach early this morning. shooting ha
makovec shows thus big turnout for the -- us the big turnout for the san jose giants' job fair. >> times are tough right now. >> reporter: hundreds of job seekers came hopeful for part- time temp work with the san jose giant. >> trying to make it and survive. >> reporter: not talking about high school kids for the summer. >> i haven't done in? probably 11 years. it's kind of -- nerve-wracking. stomach ache you know. >> reporter: liz perez already has a job but she needs another one to keep up with the rising cost of living. >> everything's going up. but your income. >> reporter: randy ibanez agrees he already works full- time at a warehouse. >> there are a lot of jobs available but then there's a lot of competition though. everyone's looking for a job right now. >> reporter: she has training and ten years experience in promotion and she'll take what she can get. >> retail sales i'm willing to start there. i understand that and learn more about the game just being there. and then move up from there. >> you know we've had such a huge turnout
at 9:00. management make over. new direction for oakland pd brass. >> airport quandary. san jose international good service new terminal and easy to get to. why isn't it more popular and why losing flights. why losing flights. >> new study >> that breaking news centers on this car accident in east san jose. we understand it is involved in an officer involved shooting. now this is video from sky 7 hd short time ago. police are out on mass in this area. we are told that 3 undercover police cars surrounded a vehicle. witnesses tell that you say one person in that car was shot and officer hurt although not seriously. now this happened a little more than 2 hours ago in the alan rock neighborhood close to the intersection of jeralyn drive and em rick avenue. trade the general area on the map. bring you any new information as soon as it develops. good evening. now to long time south bay politician pleading guilty today to dozen charges of misusing taxpayer money to fuel a gambling addiction. george junior is a tomorrower supervisor former school board member and former san jose
down in san jose. traffic not off to a great start. we were you just saw brian flores. because of a large. it hit an suv southbound 101 just after 4:30 this morning. and another car came by and hit the rock. so fortunately there was no serious injuries but the two right lanes are are closed. southbound 101 still moving by pretty well. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge. we're getting more of a crowd here westbound as you come up to the toll plaza. the only lanes moving through are the fast track and car pool lanes. pretty soon the fast track lanes will be slow as they switch the metering lights on. we've been talking about the crash on southbound 280 still have a lane blocked. for the investigation of a fatal accident. northbound 280 moves well. we will be watching that until they clear it. filling in for steve. good morning, bill. >>> i'm waiting on the traffic. at night we think you morning guys have it so good. you have caters, makeup people and coffee. i'm still waiting. things are looking good. you have a little bit of
>>> we're live in san jose where a portion of 280 is closed after a body is found on the freeway. >>> a violent attack on a packed muni bus in san francisco. what we have learned about what happened and the man police are searching for. >>> developing news from virginia. three people are today following an overnight shooting sat a marine base. the new information just released in its investigation. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, everybody it is friday, sounds very good to say that. march 22nd i'm brian flores. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. you will not believe who is here for us on the weather this morning. >> yeah i wanted to come in and meet brian. >> and you don't need any sleep any way. >> couple hours. >> nice to be here. the weekend is shaping up. we're right there basically. we are heading for daytime highs. we are going to warm upright through the bay area week. see that pink or purple area? that is a gail warning off the coast. it will be breezy today. when i come back, i'll have the forecast for your winds and also the day-time hig
transferred $148 million in assets before it dissolved in 2011. the san jose leaders had hoped the build a ballpark for the a's, they will continue to bring the a's to san jose. meanwhile, the co-owner spoke today saying that san jose remains the a's's best option for a new home. >>> and courage under fire, that is how police officers described the actions of several of their own today. this morning, 20 officers from northern california were honored, including two from san jose. involved in a high profile gunshot last year. today, one officer talked about that day for the first time, exclusively with nbc bay area. and damion, that is where that gun fight happened? >> reporter: yes, you may recall that gun batting here, in east san jose. it was a night officer no will never forget. >> two extremely violent suspects who just committed four armed robberies and one homicide. >> reporter: she spotted the suspected serial robber and murderers and then began to follow them. >> it is pretty much imbedded in my mind. i recall just about every detail. >> reporter: this brave officer immediately jo
news out of san jose where chp is looking for the driver of a deadly hit and run. it happened shortly after 3:00 at interstate 280. the chp says the driver spotted the body and called 911. it's not known how the woman ended up on the freeway. the chp has been investigating people all morning. anyone with information on this accident is asked to call the chp. janine de la vega will have more in a live report coming up at 6:30. >>> we haves a another problem on the other end of the bay. we have been talking about a boulder that rolled on to an suv. >> reporter: we are just south of the waldo tunnel and just north of the golden gate bridge. let's take a look hoe. you can see there is a broken fence line here. it's believe the at least a large boulder or rocks. and it also effected three other cars as well. literally about a minute and a ago -- very unstable along the 101 but traffic still moving here smoothly. at least on the five and six lanes. here with more on the traffic conditions and what happened this morning mary. what do you know this morning? >> reporter: we are about an hour i
>> at eleven. police swarm a san jose neighborhood when an officer is nearly run over. and a woman is shot. detailstwo - thousand rape cases in need of resolution in alameda county. now new money coming in to help bring closure. next. >> tonight two people are in custody after being injured in a police shooting in the southern part of san jose. kron four's jeff bush explains how it all started. with an investigation into a suspected car theft. this is where it happened, on the 1800 block of almaden road. police were called out to this location around 4:30 in the afternoon to investigate a stolen vehicle. when they arrived here on scene they found a man and a woman in that stolen vehicle. the woman was in the drivers seat the cuffed man was in the passenger gear and hit one of those officers with the car. in this sihe officer felt his life was in danger. he felt in fear for his life and he did what he had to do and discharged his firearm. the woman driver was shot at least one time and taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. the male passenger was injured as well b
accusations against two city council members. san jose gets thrown a curveball in moving the a's to the south bay and effort to protect your emails from prying eyes of police. an emotional set back to the rock 50 years after it's closed. never before seen images of alcatraz and >>> it isn't a lie. >> dan: two city council members are under fire. they are denying allegations of ethics violations. i'm dan ashley. they are accused of trying to influence to multimillion dollar contracts to parking tickets. >>> you know, one-sided investigation. >> larry reid has served for 17 years as an elected official and he has sense the language of the charter extremely well. accusing him of breaking the rules have left him confused and frustrated. >> i have a responsibility to make sure that the playing field is level and particularly as it relates to wiom business and minority owned business. >> the auditor says reid and brooks told employees who should get a demolition contract for the army base. the auditor accuses brooks of construction off the the rainbow team in oakland and people hand picked to run i
programs for various cities in the bay area, palo alto and san jose and owns a popular batting cage facility in san leandro. so far there's no sign of him and his home has been empty. >>> friends, family, loved ones gathered last night to remember a 16-year-old musician who died while walking home near the train tracks tuesday. hundreds played tribute at a candlelight vigil in san jose. he died tuesday afternoon when a passenger train clipped him on the train track near virginia avenue. the family says he was on his way home wearing headphones and listening to music and did not hear the train. >> the conductor, please, please, whoever was driving that train, i want you to know, i do not blame you and i'm so sorry you have to live with the sight of hitting my son. i know it was not your fault. >> he was a junior at lincoln high school. he taught himself how to play the guitar in the 7th grade and recently performed at open mike nights around san jose. >>> south bay residents have another chance to turn in guns for cash. santa clara hosting the second gun buyback in east san jose. the
an e-mail. >>> new at 11:00, from palo alto to san jose, he's worked with teenagers across the bay area for years. but late tonight, the district attorney's office confirming to us that it's filed child molestation charges against a well-known baseball coach. george kiriyama joins us this evening from the peninsula with the details. >> reporter: that's right, joel coppin was the head baseball coach here back in 2006 for one season. i got off the phone with the deputy d.a. and he confirms he's been charged with molesting a teenage boy. this is a photo of him after he was arrested back in august for the same thing. at that time, no charges were filed because there was still a lot of investigation that had to be dope. there is a warrant out for his arrest tonight. as of now, kaufman was not been arrested. this is the club's website that he was coach of showing his picture. the club has baseball players from all around the bay area. he owns and operates a batting cage. it's not known if the two victims in this case played baseball for him. the police and the district attorney's office belie
flowers or signed the book of condolence in lieu of following the procession to san jose on thursday. local venues could not uh accommodate. all of the personnel paying tribute to the slain officers. governor jerry brown will attend as will harris and former defense secretary leon panetta. also santa cruz native and "american idol" singer james durbin will perform at the memorial. the city of santa cruz will effectively shutdown for the day on thursday. outside agencies will handle police and fire calls so the personnel can take part in the procession and in the memorial service here in san jose. reporting live, leslie brinkly, abc7 news. >> thank you, leslie. the final arrangements are in place for tomorrow's memorial service. >> if you live in santa cruz and don't have a way to get to san jose they are offering bus vouchers for the ride over the hill. if you need one go to abc7news.com and look under see it on tv. >> cal tran and amtrak are offering free train rides to law enforcement personnel. there is a stop across from the pavilion. >> they open at 10:00 in the morning and they
on a busy san jose street. >>> we just have not been able to locate mr. bush. and so for that reason, the rescue effort is being discontinued. >> a man swallowed by a sinkhole and no chance for recovery. what will happen now to save a neighborhood. >>> it's my money. so -- i mean it makes me mad. >> unclaimed cash stolen by the state. the change in the work to reunite residents with money left behind. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. we begin tonight with developing story out of san jose. a high speed chase ends with officers shooting and killing a suspect. neighbors capturedthe dramatic scene on city treesen -- streets on their cell phones. and eventually ended near the intersection of blossom and carelo avenues. kpix 5's don knapp reports. >> reporter: and police are not talking specifically about a gun being used by the suspect although they do say a threatening motion was made. but the lethal weapon in this case was the suspect's own vehicle which he used to ram three police cars. what began as a solo officer chasing a suspect ended up with this, multiple police cars and ultima
to have everybody under one roof. >> reporter: the service is being held in san jose because there was no large enough venue in santa cruz. so the procession starts in santa cruz leaving the boardwalk at 8:45 this morning. 200 vehicles will be traveling 33 miles taking highway 17 to 85 to 87. and then exiting on julian street. now, in attendance today here at the pavilion, governor brown, california attorney general kamala harris, and "american idol" finalist james durban who is interest santa cruz is going to be here to perform. it is going to be a three-hour ceremony starting at noon. anne makovec, kpix 5. >>> there will be two locations in santa cruz where people can watch the service on a big screen. one is at the kaiser permanente arena at 140 front street the other at the del mar theater at 1124 pacific avenue. the live video feed from hp pavillion will begin at 11:00. the venues open up at 10:00. no tickets. >>> public transit is available to get to the pavilion. the 17 express bus will run from santa cruz as to san jose on its no
stabbing of a woman in san jose. this was the scene yesterday afternoon as police went house to house looking for the killer. tonight, police have identified the suspect, and he is still on the run. police are calling it a case of domestic homicide. ding) friends >> reporter: friends and members of the family gathered in the parking lot of sanda cruz gonzalez' near her apartment. she was 29. a neighbor told us the victim has a 9 or 10-year-old son. she was stabbed to death friday by an ex-boyfriend. gi was scared because -- >> i was scared because there was a guy sitting on the curb full of blood. and i wor across the street, and i had to run to the county. >> we now that the suspect had a confrontation with her in the parking lot. he stabbed her multiple time, fled on if the, jumped a fence into the neighborhood just east of the crime. >> reporter: the suspect is juan ramirez. he dated cruz-gonzalez two years ago. then he continued to stock the victim who had a restraining order against hip. now he's believed headed to mexico. immediately after the stabbing friday, police launched a
, just even like subdue the guy. >> san jose police are still trying to recover all the items that were tossed out of the car by the driver during the chase, including a possible weapon. if anyone happens to come across any of those item, they are urged to call san jose police so they can collect them as evidence. in san jose, abc7 news. >> new this morning fire crews in campbell of work to go clean up a big mess caused by a small fire that broke out last night inside our residential high-rise for seniors. no one was injured, but some residents are being helped by the red cross because their homes are damaged. the fire was minor, contained just one 12th-floor apartment. it set off of the sprinkler system that quickly put out the flames but the water drained all the way down through all twelve floors directly below. firefighters had to go floor by floor checking the damage. >> trying to ascertain how many of the units are damaged to the point that the occupants are displaced. most people are obviously going to be fine. >> those seniors fortunate enough to be allowed to go back home had t
. these are pictures from last weekend's buyback in san jose. today's event runs from 10:00 to 3:00 at the solano county fairgrounds. you can get $100 for a working handgun or shotgun, or $200 for an assault weapon. solano county law enforcement agencies say funds are limited and they are still accepting checks and cash donations. >>> workers are now pouring concrete on the final section of the roadway of the new bay bridge. this is happening on the eastbound deck of the so-called oakland touchdown. today's work is considered a major milestone. crews will shut down the bay bridge for the last round of construction work starting on august 28th. and the bridge is set to open to traffic right after the labor day weekend. kpix 5 is the official television station for the bay bridge opening ceremony. we are counting down the days until the new eastern span opens in september. >>> workers are rebuilding this weekend, after a fire hit a world famous food destination in berkeley. cabella's waters was in tears after seeing the damage at her restaurant. >> the beams ar
. if you can't change it change your attitude. kpix 5's len ramirez on how some san jose businesses are applying that philosophy to the new minimum wage law. >> reporter: some businesses are raising prices, some cutting back on hours and several businesses are getting together for a new awareness campaign to get people to buy and spend here in san jose as a result of this minimum wage. but businesses that have already raised the minimum wage from $8 to $10 say the impacts are not that bad. starting today, that extra $2 an hour is going into workers' pockets, their bank accounts or back into the economy. >> downtown san jose isn't the cheapest place to live but with extra money i think it goes a long way. >> reporter: phil's coffee near san jose state boosted its employees' pay from $8 to $10 an hour in january and found it was good for business. >> we noticed team members are working harder and giving better service and are happier so the stores got businesses ye? >> he says so far phil's is doing well. >> some have absorbed it. >> there is a un
for the building and the city of san jose to showcase as not only a great athletic city but one of the great in the united states. >> reporter: the benefits will be felt outside hp pavilion. downtown san jose restaurants and hotels will be packed this week. >> we will be sold out starting tomorrow through saturday. >> reporter: as visitors pour money into a south bay economy that has been on a tech fuelled housing boosted roll. >> we anticipate being sold out with reservations and dinner parties. we have several private dining rooms booked for officials and special dinners and stuff like that. >> reporter: with the bon jovi concert around the corner these are good times for san jose's arena and the ripple effects will be felt through the entire downtown. again, the games kick off here thursday morning. i'm told there are still seats available. best bet is to go through ticket master or the schools that are playing here themselves. reporting live in downtown san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >>> march madness in san jose. >>> game over for the ceo of one of the most well known gaming
with the chp on one of the patrols. he is live in san jose with the story. monte? >> reporter: terry, good evening. the reality is for many people today is a day devoted to drinking, and the highway patrol officers we spent some time with tonight say this is an active weekend for dui in the south bay. chp officers brandyn thompson and pierce visare on the look o >> anything out of the order, erratic braking, swerving in a lane, making erratic lane changes. anything that doesn't look normal. >> reporter: an expired registration gives them the chance to check for signs of dui. >> may i have your license, your registration and insurance please? >> yeah. shirks doing about 77. so max speed on this way was 65 miles per hour. >> reporter: a speeding car leads to another stop and another sobriety test. >> look at my finger. great. >> reporter: minutes later that. >> responded to reports of a motorcycle that crashed on a freeway on-ramp. after temperatures the bushes and trees, the rider is nowhere to be found. down the way, someone has driven their $90,000 tesla model f off a freeway on-ramp and
but he's a witness right now. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies say when san jose police officers spotted the suspect's car and found out it was stolen. when they tried to pull the car over, it took off. >> now, no police officers were hurt and investigators are not releasing the age or the name of the suspect. we're live in san jose right now. nbc, bay area news. >> a singer hits a sour note during a bay area show. and the out rage is being heard around the world. her name is michelle shocked. many walked out of her san francisco performance. nbc bay area joins us in san francisco with the details. >> reporter: the staff here at yoshi's say michelle shocked had to pull the plug on michelle shocked show and it's the first time they've ever pulled a plug only a show. they say she's not welcomed back here and will not be getting paid after she stood on the stage and delivered a hate speech. ♪ there must be 50 different i. ways to loathe your loverer ♪ >> a fan posted this video on youtube. the singer song writer is at an occupy wall street rally singing out against banks. tonigh
that is accused of stabbing in san jose. investigators released new details saying he confronted his former girlfriend sandra gonzalez in a parking lot and two begin to argue. they broke up two years ago. they were familiar with the couple. >> we had gone out and dealt with the suspect but the victim to the point where she probably got direction from the police or d.a.'s office and pulled out a restraining order against our suspect. >> we were overhead as they checked dozens of houses. they believe he is driving a toyota pickup truck and may be heading to mexico. >> arson investigators are trying to determine the cause of restaurant fire in the san francisco's financial district. firefighters were called out to a building. one firefighter was hurt and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >>> two teenagers in south georgia face murder charges tonight in the shooting death of a toddler. police arrested 17-year-old boy and 14-year-old boy who isn't being identified because of his age. they are accused of trying to rob sherry west who was walking with her son. she told police when she did
the bill for copper theft. the repair cost, well in san jose $160,000 to repair 500 lights. in freemont, nearly half a million in 2011 and 2012 and for bart almost $100,000 in 2011 to replace wiring along its tracks and on bay area highways from the south bay to concord, about 60-metering lights have been vandalized off the past year. caltran replaced 18 at a cost of $35,000 a piece. now, another trick cities are using to pull off, they are making the spools of copper worth more than $1000 so that makes it a felony to steal. basically their message to copper thieves is we aren't taking it anymore so beware. live from concord, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> meanwhile silicon valley is the center of many of the nations high-tech ideas but a new study says certain people are being left out. that story coming up in about 12 minutes. >>> valejo police are investigating the cities sixth homicide of the year. neighbors call police just before 5:30:00 p.m. yesterday after hearing shots fired from a home on hickborn street. when officers
. >> reporter: alecia reed, kron 4happening right now. police in san jose are searching for a man they say stabbed a woman to death this afternoon. it happened outside an apartment complex on north first and west hedding. and streets in that are area still blocked off kron 4's jeff bush is live in san jose. with the latest on the search. r >> reporter: this is still an active crime scene. let me show you some video of what we are talking about. this happened around 2:45 where a 20 year-old been stabbed a woman in a parking lot. police say that the suspect ran away into this neighborhood. and the police started a manhunt. this is what the police had to say. memo what i can tell you is that this is a very dangerous individual. he commits a pretty brutal crime in broad daylight. using a knife to stab someone multiple times and the fleas on foot. we are hoping to find him. we are going to work as long as it takes to get him. >> reporter: they say that he is still on the loose reporting live, kron 4 news. >> good evening we are looking at clear skies. if you are making your way into a room of t
ago. what led to this frightening scene in the city's bay view district. >>> we are live in san jose where police are looking for two robbers who targeted people riding light rail. we'll show you surveillance video of the suspects. >>> and the fog might make it tough for you to see on some commutes. the morning news continues. >>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this friday morning. good friday. march 29th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm brian flores in for dave clark today. let's take a quick lack at your weather and traffic. steve a foggy and a little warm today. >> definitely very foggy for you out there in thest cone abay. visibility near zero. >>> here in san jose the fog hasn't arrived yet. we both know the fog doesn't move around. we'll be the fog brothers we'll take a lack at it. there is a look at the sunol grade. at 6:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> sal, thank you. we're tracking developing news in san francisco where a driver lost control and plowed into a house. a woman who lives in the home says she was asleep when the driver came crashing through h
the dogs in 2007 but the dublin school board voted to bring them back last year. >>> san jose police are looking for two men that are suspected of robbing people leaving a light rail station. janine de la vega is at station with a look at the video police are hoping will lead them to the suspects. >> reporter: the second incident in the last couple of months where victims have been followed off of a light rail station and robbed in neighborhood. the first one happened on ray street but the latest involved a light rail station and happened in the evening hours. police want you to take a good look at these two men. one is black the other is latino and both appear to be in their 20s. on march 8th they followed victims off the train which is near capital avenue. this is video of the two suspects getting off the train. investigators say they confronted the victims in a neighborhood about a half mile away. it was there where they shot the victims. after the victims were robbed the suspects ran away. the first suspect is described as black being 5'10" ta
, trying to protect herself. it's very unfortunate this happened. reporter: and this was san jose's tenth homicide of the year. live in san jose tonight, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> ama: a san francisco club is closed after a shooting left three people wounded. it happened after 330 rich nightclub in south beach. one man is in critical but stable condition in the hospital. witnesses say dozens of shots were fired by one or more gunmen after an altercation. >> a big fight broke out, almost like a rumble. out of nowhere there was shot fired inside the club, there wad pandemonium, people scrambling everywhere. >> employing collected more than 50 pieces of evidence from the crime scene that stretched from the club, um the aley, -- alley, to a parking lot. >>> a victim was pulled up conscious from a house fire tonight in san francisco. the fire broke out in the diamond heights neighborhood shortly after 9:00. this charred mattress is what is left. the victim is hospitalized with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> the racing is back on track in marysville where two people were killed in a f
to come and play with him. >> reporter: both school districts in san jose and monterey county are confident no child porn was downloaded on their computers. the images were found on his home computer. nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, george. >>> on this day, three months ago, was the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. those images are haunting. terrified children and grief-stricken families. some of those families traveled to the bay area today on a crusade to end gun violence. and the key might be in the silicon valley. nbc bay area cheryl hurd joins us from san francisco this evening where the families met with influential investors. cheryl. >> reporter: that's right, roj. silicon valley came here to san francisco to meet with victims of the sandy hook shooting. even though they are still in tremendous pain, they are determined to come up with answers to a huge problem. >> the sad fact of the matter is, the sandy hook incident got all of our attention as a national community. but unfortunately, these incidents are taking place every five minutes, every day. >> report
the guy. >> san jose police are still trying to recover all the items that were tossed out of the car by the driver during the chase, including a possible weapon. if anyone happens to come across any of those items, they are urged to call san jose police so they can collect them as evidence. in san jose, abc7 news. >> new this morning fire crews in campbell of work to go clean up a big mess caused by a small fire that broke out last night inside our residential high-rise for seniors. no one was injured, but some residents are being helped by the red cross because their homes are damaged. the fire was minor, contained to just one 12th-floor apartment. it set off of the sprinkler system that quickly put out the flames but the water drained all the way down through all twelve floors directly below. firefighters had to go floor by floor checking the damage. >> trying to ascertain how many of the units are damaged to the point that the occupants are displaced. most people are obviously going to be fine. >> those seniors fortunate enough to be allowed to go back home had to climb the stairs
was killed. live in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> oakland city auditor says two councilmembers broke the law, and aapproximate busessed their power by abusing city contracts. the auditor shows more than a dozen violations. among other things, it accuses them of icing their power to influential the bidding process for the $2 million cleanup at the former oakland army base. >> the law was broken here. so the report, it was not done out in the open. there was undue influential. >> reporter: the auditor says oakland city charter is clear. councilmembers can only set policy and funds. both brooks and reid deny wrongdoing. we have discovered councilmember larry reid is the center of a second investigation. eric rasmussen obtained a report of a private investigator who looked into the issue. >> reporter: urban recycling solutions incorporated had a good deal on the side of the old oakland army base on berma road. civil engineer told us his business partner, and owner of urban recycling paid a long time activist, darrell kerry $1,000 a week to get the city of oakland's c
you what the victims here are saying about this experience. >>> we're live in san jose where police need your help in solving a robbery. we'll show you the video of men who were targeting people on a light rail. >>> and the fog is the story this morning. find out which bay area bridge has the thickest fog. >>> and threats of settling accounts with the u.s.. the new warning from north korea this morning. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday, good friday march 29th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm brian flores in for dave clark. let's get a quick check on the weather and traffic. steve it's a little humid today? >> it definitely was yesterday afternoon. >> yeah no doubt. fog is with us coast and bay. some areas inland are clear, clear. inland temperatures will warm up. tomorrow everything starts to fall apart but today watch out for that fog. here is sal. >>> steve, the san mateo bridge looks good. the fog hasn't reached it yet. you and i have been doing this long enough the fog moves around. especially as the sun goes up. this is a look at the bay bridge. the c
. >>> time now 6:05. tomorrow the san jose city council will approve a $7 million incentive package for samsung semi conductor. the deal was outlined in a signing ceremony with city hall governor jerry brown, mayor chuck reed, and samsung electronic executive. it includes tax breaks and equipment reimbursements. the city of austin, texas offered similar incentives trying to get samsung to move there. >>> the long awaited devil's slide towns could open as early as today. alex savidge is joining us live in pacifica where the ceremony will be hold in a few hours. alex. >> reporter: after eight years of drilling and digging and building, finally later on today crews are set to unvail these two new tunnels. this is the highway 1 bypass heres at the devil's slide. these tunnels brand new. take a look at them. live this morning. they are just shy of a mile long and they will create a safe and problem free way for people to get between pacifica and the half-moon bay area. this is a $400 million project that features to bores through the mountain. the tu
is on for two men who followed people from a light rail station in san jose and robbed them. janine de la vega sat station with -- is at the station with a look at the suspects. >> reporter: i am standing in front of the light rail station. police say passengers who were riding the train were followed from here and into a neighborhood about a half a mile away and then robbed. police want to know if you recognize these two men. one of them is black, the other is latino and both appear to be in their 20s. this is surveillance video of the two suspects leaving the train on march 8th. investigators say at 7:30 that night suspects followed victims from a train into the 2700 block. that is where they confronted the victims saying they would shoot if they didn't turn over their property. the suspects robbed the victims and ran away. the first is described as being black, 5'10", 180 pounds with a afro wearing a white t-shirt and white and black plaid shorts. the other is latino 5'8", 180 pounds. he f you have any information about this robbery or if you recog
the california smoke, a baseball club of the san jose area. the are from all over the bay area. he is also the owner of a triple play you as a, a batting cage facility in san leandro. >> police first arrested him back in august after the parents of a boy he allegedly molested called the or in the police but no charges were filed at that time. >> we're also learning more about the police officer involved in the latest officer involved shooting in san jose. as we reported yesterday his name is bruce barthelemy a five-year veteran of the department. >> video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news shows the same monday night. he fired one round, killing the still unidentified driver of a stolen car. police said the driver was trying to run the officer down. they also confirm that he was involved in another officer involved shooting in november of last year. it is a then he shot more than a suspect wanted in a murder and robbery rampage. the santa clara county sheriff's office is handling the latest investigation. >> the suspect in to to ram in their cars when they were still insid
pool. >>> all right. let's go back to san jose and kpix 5's don who's at the scene with the latest shooting voing a police officer. don. >> officers on the scene tonight looking over this investigation. obviously they're going to stay here for some time trying to figure this out. it's kind of one of those sad situations where you have something that begins almost as an inok would you say confrontation between a police officer and a suspect ed ending up in violence in a neighborhood with several police cars and a suspect shot dead. let's take a look at the video. >> what began as a solo officer chasing a suspect ended up with multiple police cars chasing and ultimately shooting the suspect. it began about 2:30 in the afternoon according to san jose police sergeant jason dwyer with what an officer decided was a dprooifr acting suspiciously. when he approached the car dwyer say it is car sped off and later when the officer caught up with him, the driver rammed the mri police car. that brought other officer into the chase. >> during that pursuit the initial pursuing officer's car is di
in san jose. a high-speed chase ends with officers shooting and killing a suspect. neighbors capture the dramatic scene on city streets on cell phones. you can see at least a dozen cop cars following that tan sedan. it ended near the intersection of blossom and calero avenues. >> reporter: police have just a few minutes ago reopened blossom avenue after about eight continuous hours of investigation. we did also watch the very damaged car of the suspect being hauled away. police had said earlier nothing specific about a gun, but they did say the suspect made a threatening motion. but the lethal weapon in this case apparently was the car, police say, which the suspect used to ram three police vehicles. what began as a solo officer chasing a suspect ended up with this, multiple police cars chasing and ultimately shooting a suspect. it began with what an officer decided was a driver acting suspiciously. when he approached the car, the car sped off. later, when the officer caught up with him, the driver rammed the police car. that bro
a police chase ends with a crash in san jose today. i'm ama daetz. they wound up killing the driver in san jose. we were above the police, they say it started when the suspect rammed into a police cruiser. that triggered a chase that sped along from campbell into san jose over the course of half an hour. witnesses tell us what happened as the chase came to an end. >> over on the left side of us this guy comes up on the shoulder on the left sidea! zooming by us and cuts across, cuts us off. >> i talked to an officer who clipped this pathfinder right here, basically a saw him come back around and i heard six gunshots. i figured that guy was pretty much done. >>> investigators are still trying to recover a gun. they shut down part of highway 85 to look for it that may have been tossed out of the car's windows. >>> authorities in san francisco are also investigating an officer-involved shooting tonight. it begin with a car chase on john daly boulevard in daly city. it ended in san francisco. tomas ramon tells us what happened. >> reporter:. >> it happened in the morning. >> reporter: he lives
at an event this morning in san jose. he did not know his plant to move the team would soon be up in the air. he did not comment on major league's baseball handling of his request to move but he did emphasize the need for a move. >> we tried oakland and free mont. so many aspects of landownership and other influences indicate to us that we need to be in a downtown area. >> but land ownership is again the problem. the as bought the property from san jose through a successor agency created when governor brown ax axed city development issues. it goes back to the successor agency and must be sold with the money going to school districts and other agencies that benefit from property tax. >> see all of those agents now must get some sink and agree to the ballpark the ballpark is an important asset that would benefit all. >> it's a regional impact and it's sad when we don't look at it in a regional way. >> today, san jose mayor chuck reed expressed disappointment, but plans to work with the agents involved to keep the dream of moving the as alive. in san jose, robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. >>>
a few high clouds overhead, that's it. all that live doppler hd is picking up. a few near san jose and a stream across the north bay throughout the course of the day. here you can see from the high definition east bay cam looking over the bay, you can see a few of the high cloud out there but didn't keep temperatures down too much. santa rosa, the high was 69. concord, 69. 68 in livermore. right now, live shots from our high definition roof top cam. the embarcadero of sap frearntion seeing a little bit of a milky sky. san francisco, 59 degrees. 57 in san carlos. a of hamp moon -- half moon bay, 63. another look towards the bay bridge, san francisco in the background. santa rosa, 66. so, the forecast highlights include those high clouds that will stay with us off and on tonight. it will be a cool evening in most locations. mostly sunny and mild tomorrow. then we're going to bring a chance of showers into the seven-day forecast next week. lows tonight, upper 30s in the north bay and east bay. welt we'll look for a little bit of the high cloudiness near the coast. half moon bay, 41. 4
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